Thursday, July 24, 2008

Salt Lake Bees Game!!!

Ryan got some FREE tickets from work the other day...for a Salt Lake Bees game...(baseball) he was all over those!! Can't beat free right...and we figured Klous would have fun at another baseball game!! He talked about the BALL all day and was cute!!!
When Ryan got home from work, we headed up to Sandy, to get some dinner and get on that we wouldn't have to drive all the way up. Ryan thought Klous would have fun on the "train" too...which he did!!!

Klous is all about copying Daddy lately...however Daddy is sitting, Klous has to do the same's kinda cute!! You'll notice it in these pictures...Klous had fun on the train...he thought it was cool!!
Daddy & Klous on the train...
Yep...copying him again...
Once we got to the baseball field...the seats were AMAZING!!! We were right behind the 2nd was great!! Here's Klous & Daddy watching the game...well Klous is watching the Bee I think!!
Here's our view of the game...the net in front of us was pretty annoying...but it kept a lot of balls from flying back at that was nice!!
Klous wasn't real excited when the Bee came down the steps by us...he's a little freaked out by the costumes...not sure why?? But him and another girl behind us just started SCREAMING when the Bee came down...made the Bee sad :(
He kept checking Klous to see if he could get a "high 5"...but Klous wasn't having it...he did finally wave at him though!!
This is usually the look on his face when the Bee was around...silly kid!!
Mommy & Klous watching the game!!
Here's Klous with his "prize"...Daddy took him for a walk and got him a little bat...he was all over that!! He got a ball at the last now he's set!! He would just stand on the steps and swing like the was fun for him!! Then he'd wave to us and say "BYE"...I'd ask where he was going and he said "PAPA" guess he was going to find Papa Bob!! Good thing it's only a month til we get to see'll be fun!!
All in all...we had a good night...the game was fun and exciting...the Bees had a good 6th inning...and hit a couple of them was questionable, and because of that, TWO coaches from the other team got thrown out of the game...because they kept yelling and arguing with the was pretty funny!! Better keep your mouth shut unless you want to be thrown out of the park huh!! Thanks to the nice lady at the credit union who didn't want to tickets...we had fun!!!


Danny & Andrea Klous said...

Looks like so much fun!!!! I love that Klous copies everything Ryan does, how sweet it that!? You need to do like a weekly post of just that beautiful little girl baby bump!!!! Getting excited to see it in person! :D

krista said...

It is so super cute how Klous likes to copy Ryan! That is so adorable!

Klous Family said...

I CANNOT wait to see you guys!! I can't believe how big Klous is! He is so adorable! It's lots of fun when they want to be just like Daddy! So cute!! :)
What do you wear for summer clothes being prego?? I hate to go shopping with only 8 weeks to go but i really only have one pair of capris left. Target and Walmart only have one option each ...grrr... I even went to Goodwill thinking i could find something cheap...NOPE...nothing. I hate when you cannot find clothes that fit AND look good. I've heard its HOT in SD at the time we are going! 3 hot miserable pregnant girls!! I can't wait though!! :)
Love you!