Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love You Mama...

I just need to tell my Mom that I truly LOVE her. I know she knows it, but a little reminder never hurts right!!
Today she found out some "not-so-good-news" and will need to have another surgery in September...and it wasn't really the news we had been hoping to get. Now we just have to hope that the next step goes well and better news is to come!!
It's no good to find out about surgery...then having a broken wrist...which you already have to have surgery I think she's having a tough time. She told me the other day that she's ready for 2008 to be over...hasn't been a good year!!

My mom is an amazing always take them for granted when you're a teenager and living at home...but when you're out on your own...and don't have them ALL the time anymore...makes you realize just how lucky you were!!

She's done so much for our family...most importantly carrying and delivering all of us SIX kids...truly amazing Mom!! This is her prego with me...or so I was told!!
The six of us at Christmas 2006 with Mom & Dad

This was sometime in my middle school/high school career...but the time when I just took her for granted...didn't completely appreciate her the way I should've. Sorry Mom :(

My mom helped me a lot with my baby boy...I was so grateful for her and Dad coming out when Klous was born...all their advice, help, holding him, helping me, EVERYTHING...I'd be lost without them!! Sometimes I feel lost until I pick up the phone and talk to them...parents truly are amazing!!!

Klous truly loves his Grandma & Papa too...he's excited to see them in a few weeks for our little "vacation"...and we sure are happy that Grandma Judy is going to be able to be with us for it...just wouldn't be the same if not.

Mom...I just want you to know how grateful I am for you...we pray for you daily...sometimes ALL the time...can never pray too much right!! I pray that things will go well with the surgery...the results will be what we're all hoping to hear, and things will be alright!! We can only think positively...and put the rest of it in our Heavenly Father's hands. He knows what the plan is...we just have to have faith in Him!!
I LOVE YOU MOM...I wish I was closer to give you a HUGE hug today...but this will have to do...{{{{BIG HUG}}}}...and then you'll get a real one in a few weeks!!


JJ said...

That is nice Becki....I am glad you decided to put something on your blog too! Mom tells me she looks at them...maybe she will email us comments...oh wait...typing is a little hard, huh? Poor Mom!!!

Tara said...

Very Sweet! I just had to call my mother and tell her I love her! Mom's are the best, and you really appreciate them so much more when you start having kids, and you realize all they had to go through for us!