Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family Time on Family Night :)

The other night...(Monday)...when Ryan got home from work...we ate dinner quick, and decided we'd walk over to the park by our house. Whenever we leave the house in the car...Klous knows the "WEEE" (aka slide) just behind the school we go by, so he always says that. Anyways...I told him that maybe we'd go that night, so we had to follow through with it!!! So we decided to walk over there and let him play...of course Daddy had to grab a soccer ball for him to play with too!! It was a fun time!! Although while we were walking...I had my first real experience this time with Braxton Hicks contractions...that wasn't any fun...thought it was too early for that...but guess not. Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!

Anyways...back to our park adventure...Klous was all smiles to get in the stroller and go for a WALK...he says that very good now-a-days!!
Yep...this is on our way to the park...chickens and ducks in this yard...Klous gets very excited about the "quack quacks, and the boc bocs"!!! Kind of random in the middle of town though!!
We finally made it to the park...and he had to make his way to the top of the BIG slide...his favorite!! He's so big...and just loves playing!! Check out his cheeser...pretty typical!!
Then he's beginning to think he's a lot bigger then he really kinda freaks me out, but Ryan's always there to help him...he has to try climbing on all the ladders and "climbing things"...YIKES...
But he's not afraid to say CHEESE while climbing!!!
Then we were done at the park and started to walk back really is a nice's right by the hospital by our house...(where I had Klous...and where I'll have this one)...but there's a big field and then the's nice!!
Daddy let Klous walk like a big boy and kick the ball...he's pretty good at it!!
He just runs along and kicks it...then chases it again and kicks again...
He seems to be more left handed the bigger he gets...he still switches hands when he's eating...but as for swinging a bat/hockey stick...or kicking the balls...and sometimes's all done with his left hand/foot. Guess he'll be like his Papa Bob huh!?!?! (You're left handed in those things too right Dad!?!?!) :) :) :)
Then it was one more stop by the chickens and ducks...Klous is a very good COPY CAT when it comes to Daddy...he always has to squat, kneel, or do whatever Daddy is is quite cute!!
He's pointing to the duck...his favorite!! :) :)
It was nice to have an "okay" evening that wasn't too hot...and some time to just enjoy as a family...I like those times!! Gotta enjoy the nice weather I suppose...before we know it, it'll be cold and snowy again...and we'll have a tiny baby...AHHHHHHHHHH :) Just kidding :)


Morgan said...

How fun! Tyler still begs to stop at the parks when we pass them to Wal-mart! Even though we were just at one! Crazy kids...they love their parks.

krista said...

Klous is so daring climbing up that slide! The park looks like a lot of fun. It will be so cute to see Klous with a little sister!