Monday, July 21, 2008

Family Campout...

We had the "Family Campout" this weekend with Ryan's mom's side of the family...we went up in the mountains to a place called is beautiful up there. I must admit though, I dreaded going...and didn't really want to. Between having to pack everything up and get things ready just for overnight...and then being prego and uncomfortable...and not knowing how Klous would do...I debated a lot about whether or not to go. But it all ended up just was nice to get away and have a break from the "world"...and to just get outside and sit by a fire!!

Klous did fine too...he loved it. Ryan's got a cousin who is 7 and he brought a bunch of cars to play with...he was willing to share with Klous in Grandpa's BIG playpen :) Really it's just his trailer...but the boys liked playing in it!!
This is what was hauled up in the trailer...Klous thought he was pretty cool climbing in it and trying to drive it...Mommy & Daddy took him for a ride Saturday and he had so much fun, he fell asleep on Daddy's lap!! Silly kid!!
Here's Klous in the Rhino!! :) Good thing Grandpa Pulham brings fun toys up!!
We had tinfoil dinners for dinner...Klous actually ate some...I was surprised!! Here he is sitting by Daddy eating dinner...if you look in the back...there's our tent we slept in!! It was alright!!
I didn't waste any time at getting the marshmallows out...I've been wantint to roast some all it was fun to actually be able to do it!! Klous had to come watch what Mommy was doing too!!
Then he squats down to watch even closer...silly kid!! He liked the marshmallows plain...not roasted!!!
As you can see...he's enjoying it here...
After sitting around the fire for a while and visiting...we were ready for was almost it was way past my bedtime!! Here's Klous all bundled up for was a lot colder up there then I thought it would that wasn't fun!! Klous slept fine...Ryan & I on the other hand...didn't...oh well. That's the joy of camping right!! Between the next campground over singing Karaoke until 3 in the morning...and then the wild sheep "talking" around 5:00 a.m...there wasn't a lot of sleep for me!!! At least Klous was good though!!
Saturday morning...Grandpa wanted to take Klous for a ride on the 4-wheeler...he screamed the WHOLE time until Grandpa decided to turn around...then he was fine and didn't want to get off...silly kid!!
This is what Klous looked like most of the weekend...completely covered in dirt!! He is definitely ALL boy...and loved the great outdoors...I'm glad he had a good time...that's what's important right!! Guess we'll have to plan another camping trip before the summer is over...we'll see how that goes!!


Mike and Jana Black said...

Camping is the best. The kids have so much fun. Klous looks like Logan did all of our camping trips, totally dirty. Even though it's a hassle to get there, the kids always have fun and it fun to watch them have fun.

Christine said...

You are a trooper going camping with prego. I'll do whatever I can to get out of camping!

Danny & Andrea Klous said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!! Danny and I are so jealous you live at such a great location where there is so much stuff to do all the time!! Looks like you guys had fun! Sorry you didnt sleep well! :( Darn karaoke and wild sheep! hehe! Love you and see you sooooon!! :D
P.S. I will post some pictures either today or tomorrow! I just have nothing to talk about so I never blog! :(

JJ said...

What a pretty place to be camping! Looks like you were having a good time, and the marshmallows...mmmmmmm!
Were those sheep like the ones on Brother Bear, the ones that talk to their echo...."No, you shut up!"
It was fun to look at the pictures, Klous is getting big!

krista said...

Sounds like fun! That is so great that Klous slept well. That is my biggest worry about taking Ava anywhere! She just really doesn't sleep well not in her crib. This post really made me crave smores!! I haven't had them since we all got together and made smores up Provo Canyon---it was so long ago, yet time has gone by so fast!!

Morgan said...

I love camping with my kiddos. We haven't gone camping with Carter yet but Tyler is always good at getting filthy!