Friday, June 27, 2008

Too HOT... :(

The last few days have been a TRUE Utah summer...and I'm not liking it. I was really okay with having temperatures in like the 70's-80's...but now this 90 stuff...YUCK!!! Klous & I have been trying to play outside...and we even have a pass to the water that's fun...but it still gets TOO HOT...

Yesterday...Klous had been playing outside...and he must know when it gets too hot, because he'll clean up all his balls from outside...and throw them in the house...then he comes inside and slams the door shut. Smart kid!!! Then of course he wants to watch The Backyardigans and have some juice!! I'm okay with that too!!

I was doing the dishes yesterday and looked at him in the living room to see what he was doing...this is what I saw...I had to sneak to the camera to get a picture...and it turned out bad and fuzzy...but then he posed for some more!! What a cute kid just relaxing on the couch...kid after my own heart!!!After the first picture he wanted to pose and then look at himself on the either way he was still cute!!

Then back to the couch to watch his show...silly kid!!!
I've really been slacking on taking pictures of my belly with this pregnancy...but they'll come soon I'm sure...just in case anyone was's getting HUGE and I can't believe it...but so far things are well...2 weeks and we'll have our ultrasound and find out what kind of baby this is ;) Will keep you posted!!!


Klous Family said...

He is too cute! I wish i could lay on the couch all day in my underwear!! Looks nice and cool! Nice for you that he goes into the house when it gets too hot...I have to threaten lives in order for our kids to go in! :)
Now that i posted pics of my belly you have to post some of yours! Can't wait for August!! We'll be REALLY cute then!! :)
Love you guys!

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you find out what you are having so soon! Time flies! What is your official due date? Klous. What a stud.

Danny & Andrea Klous said...

Hey! Mid 80s is too hot for me! So I feel bad for you!! But it seems to be so beautiful there! Klous, of course, is a stud.. sooo cute! Cant wait to find out how your appointment goes!! Talk to you soon!

JJ said...

I love the relaxing on the couch...I know I enjoy that as well. Especially in the afternoon! I am excited to find out what you are having fun! Love you!

Kerrie said...

Hey-thanks for adding your email and letting me know about "Mark"'s real name. Ja couldn't remember and that was his guess. So there you go-I look like the idiot! Ha! Should have just put her name only. Oh well! Glad to get your email! Ja and I enjoy keeping touch.