Monday, June 9, 2008

Missionary Companion!!

On Friday night, we had plans to get together with one of Ryan's old mission companions!! We were meeting him and his family up in Sandy at "The Mayan" for dinner and some visiting!! Klous really enjoyed climbing on the snakes or dragons or whatever they are!! He liked them a LOT more then he liked the scary "Featherhead" guys inside the restaurant!!Daddy & Klous waiting for the friends...
We met up with Dustin Likes, his wife, and daughter!! It was a nice dinner and visit with them!! It's been about 4 YEARS since we've seen there was lots to talk about!! However...watching Ryan & Dustin...they were just the same as when they were missionaries!! Still as silly as ever!! They served together in Grand Rapids...(where I'm from) we've got a good relationship with them!!
Here's Dustin watching Klous hide in the mouth...
Klous and his CHEESER :)
This is Dustin's little girl Rylee and our little man!! They had fun together...although I think Klous is BIGGER then her...and she's 4!!! Nice huh!! :)
Here's proof that they're just as crazy...I wanted a picture of the 2 of them together...and right away Dustin jumped in like this...I didn't know that I wanted Ryan jumping in there with him...that would just be AWKWARD...but didn't stop them!!
Luckily Ryan didn't get completely on him...but look at those smiles...and the LOVE they have for each cute!!
It was a good evening, and fun to see them again!! Of course didn't get any pictures of me or Lindsey, Dustin's wife...but oh well!! Maybe next time!! Thanks guys for a great night and dinner...we really appreciate it!! :) :) :)

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Mindy said...

How fun! Klous is so handsome next to his girlfriend. OK, I know it's not his girlfriend but it's a really cute picture.
The snake thingy you're talking about it call Quetzalcoat'l, feathered serpent. You'll see a lot of these if you go to some ruins in Mexico and they actually have been connected symbolically to Jesus Christ. Let me know if you'd like to learn about it.