Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer MIGHT be coming???

We got Klous a little, cheap pool at Wal-Mart last week...with the hopes that summer would soon be coming!?!?! I don't know if anyone else has noticed...but this weather has been CRAZY!! I'm not complaining that it's not 95-100 degrees already...but a little warmer and no wind would be nice!!

Today...we finally got some sunshine...just a light breeze...and 80 degree temps!! I filled up the pool this morning for Klous...and around 12:30 I let him get ready and get in!! He was a little hesitant at first...but then finally got used to it and was sitting, laying, kicking, jumping, and playing!! It was cute!! Of course he had to be in the pool with his BALLS...can't go anywhere without them!!He decided to lay and get his tummy wet too...he's so cute!!!
Then I moved the slide over...thought he'd have fun with that...and boy did he ever!! Here's a step-by-step show of what he did...of course having to look at Mommy and say CHEESE the whole time!! :)

He had a lot of about 1:20 he got out, which I was surprised...grabbed the towel on my lap and started shivering like CRAZY...he must've gotten real cold all of a sudden!! So we got out...warmed up in the tub...and he was asleep for his nap in 5 minutes!! It was great!!

Here's a video of him playing on the slide and in the water...he's getting so big and talking so much more!! His newest words are "NO"...which I'm really loving!! ;) And then also "ME"...he gets whatever he can find and shares with either Mommy or Daddy...then points to himself with the other thing and says..."ME"...yeah...he's fun!! You can hear a little of his talking in the video!! Enjoy...and hopefully warmer weather will be coming soon!!


Mindy said...

Me and my kids are jealous. Send some of that nice summer weather this way!

krista said...

Wow! That slide looks like tons of fun and Klous looks so big climbing up and going down the slide! How fun!