Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The other night I finally decided to do a cute video of Klous...after I got done with one...we remembered a few more things he can say/do that we wanted to share!! So are a couple videos of him...he's getting so big and talking more and more each day. We did these videos on Monday night I think...and last night he was saying "apple juice" that's not on here...but that's something he's learned in the last day!!! Hope you enjoy the video!!! My favorite part is when I ask him..."What does Papa do??"...and he sticks out his tongue!! Anyone who knows my dad...knows that's what he does!! :) It's cute!! Also...listen to what he says when we ask him to say "Mommy"...I just start out by asking him to say BECKI...but he won't say it unless you ask him to say "mommy" yeah...still calling me BECKI :) You'll also see some of the sign language that he's learned and's come in REAL handy to communicate with us!! He's just getting too big!! Enjoy!!!


Mindy said...

That's cute! I love it when he sticks out his tongue just like your dad.

breckster said...

He's growing so fast!

krista said...

These videos are soo cute!! Klous is such a smart and very adorable little boy!