Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Danny's Wedding :)

Last weekend was pretty eventful!!! The main reason we went back to Minnesota was for my little brother Danny's wedding. We got to Fairmont, MN on Friday afternoon...and were there til Sunday afternoon. We went to the rehearsal and groom's dinner Friday night...and that's when the excitement started...Klous was a little...ok a LOT stuffed up...and decided he needed to gag on his snot...and puke...constantly!! It was great let me tell after throwing up 6-7 time Friday night...he was finally ok and feel asleep. He woke up Saturday morning all happy and normal...we went swimming at the hotel...hung out with family...then it was time to get ready for the wedding. We stopped by Burger King to get some lunch...and while we waited in the drive-up...there he goes again...puke everywhere. It was terrible...20 minutes before we were supposed to be at the Ryan was sweet and said he'd just take him back to the hotel and sit with him...but then I felt bad, because they'd be missing the WEDDING and PICTURES...ugh...but you gotta do what you gotta do right!! So dropped them off at the hotel...and headed back to the church for pictures.

Here's Danny and his ring bearer & flower girl...our niece & nephew...Eric & Briella...aren't they all so cute!!!Here's a close up too...
My big boy!!! My older brother Andy...he was a groomsman I think...not sure what they're called!!! So handsome huh!!
Here's Eric flexing his muscles...(Lightning & Thunder)...usually he kisses them...but I missed that part for the picture!! (Andy's little boy by the way)
My "little" brother...ok younger brother Danny & me!!! Check out those nice teeth of his...just got his braces off this last year...he's pretty proud of them!! Now he REALLY smiles!!!
And this is my REAL brother Danny!! He's kind of retarded...but I love him anyways!!!
My sister Kim and her girls...well 2 of them!! Katelynn & Jessi
Briella being SOO cute during the wedding...Eric decided he wasn't gonna walk down the a little nervous & stubborn....darn Klous genes!!!
Check out Danny...this was the CUTEST thing soon as Andrea started walking down the aisle...he just lost was adorable!!! Since he lost it...Andy did too...I did...Vicki did...Kim did...Mom & Dad was great!!! So nice to see a "tough" guy get a little teary eyed!!
This was during the candle lighting the "Unity Candle"...everyone in the congregation had a was kind of neat!!
MR. & MRS. DANNY KLOUS!!! YEAH for them!!! :) :) :) They're so cute!!!
That was the wedding...then it was back to the hotel for me...had to check on my boys...and this is what I found...Klous slept the entire time...didn't throw up anymore so that was good. But here he laid on his bed of towels just in case!!!
Then he decided he was hungry again...I guess after you lose everything in your get a little hungry!!! So he found his french fries and decided to eat was time for the reception to we were trying to decide what to do...we decided to take him along and just watch him close...I didn't want them to have to miss anymore of the fun!!
So we headed to the hotel across the street...for the's Danny & Andrea doing their "toasts" was cute...
Our cute little family during the dinner/dance thing!!
Mom & Danny...her baby we're all married and gone!!!
Klous liked the disposable camera...he was "taking" pictures of everything!!!
Klous doing the chicken was so cute!!!
Mommy & Klous dancing at the end...he did good through it...and no more that was even better!!!
That was the wedding was good...I wish I would've gotten more pictures...and that Ryan & Klous could've been there for it...but oh well. At least we were able to be there and see that was the best part!! Congrats Danny & Andrea...we LOVE you!! Now that they're enjoying their TWO 7-day cruises...must be rough huh!!! Oh yeah...the weather that -13 degrees...with a -30 degree wind was HORRIBLE weather...but we survived...gotta love Minnesota!!!


Mindy said...

Looks like you all had fun despite Klous being sick. I cannot imagine Danny being emotional at all...I bet you all cracked up, but maybe not since it was his wedding.
Jacky was REALLY hoping to see you since she's in Minneapolis now.
Looks like you had fun sledding too. Hope you enjoyed MN.
Oh, and happy valentine's day (late)!

krista said...

Congratulations to your brother! It is so great that you were able to go back for the wedding! It looks like a lot of fun (except of course, that part where Klous got sick!)! But at least he was able to go to the reception! What a cute family!