Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Minnesota Trip...some of it!!!

We got home this afternoon...it was a LONG flight home...but we made it!!! We had a GREAT time in Minnesota...with family and having fun!!! Klous warmed up so quickly with everyone, so that made me happy!!! Here are a few pictures of our "fun" times!!!

Here's Klous & Daddy at the Denver airport during our layover...Klous was excited to watch the airplanes....I think he was just excited to be able to run around for a bit!!
Then it was back on to another plane...from Denver to Minneapolis...it wasn't a full flight...so we had 2 rows all to ourselves...it was nice!!
Klous had fun driving his cars...and throwing his balls around...we put an end to that quickly!!! Then he just fell asleep!! :) That was nice!!!
We got to Minnesota/Wisconsin on Saturday...the 2nd...hung out at Auntie Vicki & Uncle Glenn's for a day...then headed up north. We went to Auntie Kim & Uncle Mike's Sunday night til Tuesday afternoon. They just got a new puppy a few weeks ago...so Klous liked that...until Decoy jumped all over him...then he screamed!!!
See how excited he is...CHEESE :) That's Jared holding the puppy...him & Klous are a lot alike I think...
Then on Monday...it snowed a little...so out we went...for a good Minnesota day of sledding!!! Klous had fun til he kept falling over!! Then it was nap time...but he let me pull him around for a while!!!
We slid down the hill with Meghan, Jessi, Katelynn, & Jared....that was fun...

But I think his favorite thing at Auntie Kim's house was the STAIRS...he got a lot of practice going up and down stairs!! We don't have any at our house...so it was nice that every house we went to had some!! He know what "TURN AROUND" means now!! :)
And Jared had to go "BOOM" with him too...he giggled every time!!
Then we headed up to Grandma Judy & Papa Bob's house...we were in Grand Rapids Tuesday afternoon til Friday morning...between Grandma & Papa's and Uncle Andy & Auntie Anna's house!!! On Thursday afternoon, Grandma made homemade spaghetti...it was DELICIOUS!!! So Andy, Anna, Eric, & Alex all came out...Klous was taking a nap...so Eric was excited when I told him to go wake him up!!!
Here's Eric(3), Alexandra(Alex, 20 months), & Klous(16 months)...they had fun together!!!
See how cute these two KLOUS boys are!!! :) Too bad one has that has a first name and the other as a last name!! Either way it's a good name!!!
We didn't have any pictures of Grandma & Papa til after the wedding...so we had to get some!!! Here they are in the hotel before we left...Klous warmed up to them REAL quick!! It was cute seeing him with them!!!
Papa Bob is known for sticking his tongue out...Klous was so good at it til we got to Minnesota...then he wouldn't do it...in this picture he kind of tried!! I think it's funny to look at everyone's expressions!!!
After checking out of the hotels...we all went to Perkin's for breakfast...it was a BIG group!!! 22 people to be exact!!! Aren't we a cute bunch of people!!!

Then it was back to Auntie Vicki & Uncle Glenn's house...we were pretty pooped out from the whole week...so Monday was a lazy, relaxing, getting healthy day!!! Daddy & Klous had a good nap together...as you can see!!!
I'll be putting up some pictures from Uncle Danny's wedding tomorrow morning...it was a good time!! Everyone looked so cute, handsome, and happy!! It was good...so watch for that post to come too!!! We're happy to be home and unpack...but it's always hard to be away from family again...and have to leave. It was a good time...and we sure do love the Klous family!! :) :) :)


Morgan said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. It's always a good time with the whole family gang!

Austin said...

Glad you had fun! I miss Minnesota so much! Though, if/when I ever visit, I'll be there in the SUMMER! ;)

krista said...

What a fun vacation! It looks like your family had so much fun with Klous! I am sure that they were all so excited to see him again! Klous looks so cute in the sled. I just can't believe how big he is now!