Friday, February 1, 2008

Almost time!!! :) :) :)

We went to Wal-Mart the other night to get the "last minute" things we needed for the trip...and Ryan thought we needed to get Klous a "leash"!!! :) :) :) So after thinking about it for a second...I thought it's probably a good idea...just in case he wants to RUN around the airports at all!! So today I was getting the last minute things packed...and figured I better try it out!!!

He was pretty excited about it...kind of :)
then he had to figure out how it's a cute monkey if you can't see that!!
Here he is posing again...CHEESE...can you tell he's saying that?? :)
Didn't like it much though when Zack was "walking" him!! :) LoL...I like this picture!!! lots of people have been getting new hairdos for the spring time...or just for a I followed the crowd!! I got a gift certificate to get my haircut for I figured maybe I should use it...since we're going home for a wedding...I'd do something different!! Then last night...Ryan helped me highlight it...he was nervous about "ruining" it...but I think it looks great!! If anyone else wants him to do your hair...I'll be happy to ask!! ;)
I'm still getting used to it...trying to figure out how best to style it and all...I like it more behind my ears...Ryan likes it just on my
When I get back from Minnesota though...there will be some SERIOUS exercising and work-outs...I'm grossed out with that double chin!!! Not to mention my tummy!! So you all know!! Check for updates...I'll try to do some while we're on our trip!!! Yeah for Minnesota!! :) :) :)


Morgan said...

Love, Love, LOVE the hair! Wow! You look fantastic! I would have to say that I agree with Ryan with the hair on your face as opposed to behind the ears. I am so jealous that you are going to MN! I haven't been back there in 4 years! I miss the ease of GR. I hope you have a blast! Are you going for your brothers wedding???

krista said...

Becki I love your hair! It looks so cute!! And Ryan did a great job with the highlights!! Have fun in MN! We will need to get together when you get back! See you!

Austin said...

love the hair! when i first met ryan, i thought "i'll bet that guy would make a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous stylist! love the leash, too. and it's not a leash if it goes around the torso. our kids are gonna have one around their NECKS. then, every time they get out of line, it gets a little tighter. ;)

have fun in MN!

Tara said...

Cute! I can't believe that Ryan did it. Maybe he should go into hair! He He.
Let's get together!!!!
Oh and I love the leash. Gavin has one as well.
Call me