Sunday, November 11, 2007

Still not in... :(

Hello again...still can't put pictures on, because we're not at home...and honestly I haven't really take any pictures in the last week!! Been a little preoccupied with other things!!! They came and did the "ozone bomb" on Thursday...when I went up to the house on Friday to open the windows and doors...the house didn't smell like smoke anymore...just some YUCKY, musty smell kind of. And Klous' balloon was still floating...(which the lady said all the oxygen would be sucked out of it) we're not sure if it worked right or not?? The lady in charge of it all was, of course, out of the office on now we have to wait until tomorrow. :( It sucks...but what can we do??? Still living with Ryan's family...and just making the best of everything I guess!!! That's the update for now...we'll let you know whatelse happens, and when we actually get to move home...that'll be another whole project!!! :) The house is a DISASTER...and we have TONS of laundry to do!! WOO HOO :)


krista said...

Good luck with everything! I hope you are able to move back home soon!

JJ said...

I just realized....balloons have helium in them. Would that have made the difference? Sorry you are not in....that is no fun! You can come hang out with me if you want. love ya!!!