Monday, November 19, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Here is a video from before the big fire interruption!!! After Halloween...we were hanging out the next night, and talking about Christmas!! Klous is just as excited as I am I think!! I said, "Klous...HO HO HO..." and now you can see how he reacted!!! It's too cute!! :) Enjoy!!


krista said...

This video is adorable!! Klous sounds so cute saying "ho ho ho"! Christmas will be so much fun with him this year!

Morgan said...

Love it! Thanks for your address...Here is mine...617 Countryside Ave. Rexburg Id 83440

breckster said...

This is cute! Did you know that in australia they made it against the law for santas to say "ho, ho, ho!" Strange they don't thing h.e. double hockey sticks, and "the d word" aren't offensive, but santa's can't say "Ho, ho, ho."