Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Klous is off on his own now...he's taught himself how to stand up in the middle of the floor...and to just go wherever he wants to!!! He really like playing with Daddy's shoes, and makes that a daily activity...along with "fetching" the diapers I throw over to the garbage can...guess I can't do that anymore!!!

He's getting so big, and will just walk back and forth between the living room & kitchen...And he has to look back to make sure Mommy is watching him...:)
Then he just plops onto his bum and rests for a bit...
His walking doesn't come without LOUD shouting, talking, and noises!!! He is his father's child, and makes noises just like his Dad!!!
He even has to make this face to get his point across...this is usually when he's yelling MAMA or DADA real loud!!!
See...then he finally gets to his goal...and finds the diaper I just took off of him :( Yucky huh!!!
But don't worry...he's soon forgotten about the diaper...and is off to find whatever else he can get his little hands on!!!
Making sure the whole time, that Mommy is watching and his show is still on T.V.!!!


krista said...

Klous looks so adorable walking around!! It is crazy how fast he is growing up!

Lisa (Espanish for "Lisa") said...

I'm always envious of babies being able to run around in just a diaper on hot summer days! I still can't believe Klous is already walking so well!