Thursday, August 23, 2007


Like a LOT of kids...Klous is VERY fascinated by our cell phones. Luckily we have plenty of "toy" phones that he gets to slobber on, play with, and do whatever he wants to it!!! He's getting so so big, and picks up on a LOT more then I ever realized I think. He knows what to do when I say "HI"...he waves...when I say "YEAH"...he claps...and when I say "HELLO"...

He gets his phone....And puts it by his ear!!!
And yells...maybe he's saying "HELLO" too???
Makes me laugh every time he does it...and not only will he get a phone...he'll use a remote...a toy...and even any shoe he can get his hands on!!! :) Too cute!!! :)


krista said...

Klous is such a smart little guy! And soo adorable!! I love his cute big eyes!

JJ said...

Klous is so cute...looks like he is feeling better! I love how kids copy what we do...imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?

Gramma Jude said...

now that he knows how to talk on the phone I am sure he will be calling papa all the time. we must need some new messages on the answering machine again. I think I deleted the old ones.
What a cutie pie!! Talk to you soon. Love you lots and lots,