Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sad Minnesotan... :(

Hello all...I'm sure you have all seen on the news or internet or whatever, the horrible accident last night in Minnesota. That is a very busy area, and my home...well my home state. I've been on that road/bridge NUMEROUS times...and I just can't believe it when I see it on the news. To think that it was during rush hour traffic, with hundreds of people in stop and go traffic...and then it just collapsed?? WOW...I just can't imagine...think of what was going through those poor people's minds as they fell into the Mississippi River or wherever. I hope we will all appreciate what we have, and pray for those people/families that have had to go through this disaster. Here's a link of one of the local news channels back can check it out if you'd like...sad day in Minnesota :(

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mateo said...

That is really sad. I can't imagine being stuck in a car underwater. Maybe they'll just turn it in to a sweet 21 mile dirt road!