Sunday, August 5, 2007

Klous Dancing

Much to Daddy's dismay...Klous has been introduced to The Wiggles :) His cousin Zack has let us borrow a couple of the movies...and Klous really enjoys watching them!!! He's become a really goo dancer since we've had them...he used to dance a little before when he would hear music...but now...he just goes crazy!!! It's pretty cute if you ask me!! And yes...The Wiggles are a little odd...and sometime act silly...but I think it's fun!!! Our other nieces & nephews have watched them and enjoyed it's bound to hit Klous too!!! He likes them!!! :) :) :)


breckster said...

I LOVE how he just plops down, and then gets back up. He'll be a pro at Ring around the Rosie. :)

krista said...

That is sooo cute!! I have never seen the Wiggles but I will have to check them out. Klous is very adorable!!