Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Minor Surgery...

After probably 3 long years of having this weird growth on my face...I finally got it taken care of!!! My sister Kim has been hounding me for a long time to just go in and get it removed...with all our moves...having a baby...lack of insurance at times...and my own selfish reasons...I never did it!! Finally I went in this morning and got it removed...I don't know how many people have noticed it (really I don't know how you couldn't)...but no one really said anything to me about it, so I've put a few pictures on from before...and then after. Oh yeah, it's a benign "biglongword" cyst!!! I don't remember what the doctor called it??

Here is what it looked like before...just a big bump on my face that wasn't getting smaller...in fact it was getting bigger!!
And whenever I smiled...it looked even bigger, so I really didn't like that part...
But today...after having a small incision made, lots of squeezing and tweezing, and 2 stitches later...this is what it looks like!!!
Don't mind the purple/blue marks...it's not bruised...not yet at least. Instead just the pen the Dr. used to mark up my face!!
And look...when I smile...it doesn't pop out anymore!! WOO HOO!!! :) :) :) However...the Dr. did say that there's a gap in there...and my skin/body will have to take care of that somehow!!!
All in all, it went really well, and there was no reason for me to be so paranoid!!! I'll post more pictures once it's all healed and the stitches are out!!! I just thought some people...especially my family back in MN would like to see that it's GONE!!! :) :) :)

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mateo said...

I'm glad to see you got rid of your cottage cheese/top ramen. I'm sure if feels good knowing it's gone.