Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm FREE :) :) :)

Last night, Klous had his 4TH poopy diaper of the day...I couldn't believe it...but that's what happens when he's getting teeth!!! Anyways...he's to the point of when we change his diaper...he no longer wants to just lay there and "help" us...well his idea of helping is different then our idea of helping I think...

He didn't waste anytime rolling over and crawling away REAL fast....without a diaper as you can see ;)
He just wanted to watch the weather I guess and play with his baseball...
Then he looks at me like I'm the silly one??? Must say he's got an awfully cute lil' bum though!! (sorry if you don't like the bare bum look) :)
We were finally able to tickle him and hold him down to get his "bottoms" back on...he was all smiles and giggles about that... :)
Then he decided he needed to stand up and watch the news...he seems to do it best when he can hold one of his favorite balls!!! Baseball, basketball, or soccer ball!!! :)
I just think he likes this new "I'M FREE" feeling...whether it's without a diaper on...standing alone, or just roaming the house...he sure enjoys it!!!

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krista said...

Klous is sooo cute standing up by himself!! He just looks too little to already be standing alone!! He is also adorable escaping without his diaper!