Monday, July 30, 2007

Better part of the weekend...

After getting home on Saturday after that horrible camping trip...we had to shower fast and get to Ryan's parents house for Zack-a-roni's birthday!!! He turned 2 on Saturday, so Shauna & Martin had planned a party for him!! The whole family was able to be it was a good time!!! MUCH better then the previous day/evening!!! :)

Ryan & Zack were all smiles...ok well Ryan was!!! Klous was just excited to be able to stand up and play...he's getting TOO big for us!!! Likes to explore too!! :)
He was showing off for Grandma...showing her his cool clapping skills!!!
Auntie Shauna & Zack-a-roni posing for birthday pictures!!
Zack was cute and went to talk to his cousin (Klous) while he sat in the high chair. Klous was sick of the baby food...and wanted "big people" he got some potato salad...
Then I had them look...and pose together!!!
Klous also tried some corn on the cob...he liked it...til he threw it on the ground!!!
Then came the cake...he wasn't so sure about that!! But he liked it after a bit...
It'll be interesting on his birthday to see what he does!!!
Klous was VERY excited to play with the balloon too!!! He thought that was pretty cool!!! :) :) :)
This was definitely a good thing to come back to and be able to participate in!!! Made us smile more then the camping trip did!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK-A-RONI!!! (that's what Ryan's called him since he was little) :) :) :)

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krista said...

Klous and Zack look so cute together!! They will be such great friends! I love Klous's face after trying the birthday cake!! Too cute!!