Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seriously!?!?! How do I choose!?!??!

So we're waiting to finally and hopefully hear from the underwriter long as everything goes well!!! Then we'll HOPEFULLY be closing next week!?!?! Who the way...we're BUYING a house!!! For those who don't know!!!!
Now as for this post...I am going NUTSO looking at all these paint options and colors and everything!!! HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE!?!?!?!
My eyes are going mind is getting too stimulated...and I just DON'T know what to do!?!?! Really??? This is OUR choice??? WE can decide??? It's so fun and so exciting...but SOOOOOOOO overwhelming!!!! Ryan and I have sat up til now...1:20 a.m...trying to decide colors to put in the house!!! I wish it was as easy for us as it is for the kids!!! Klous/Kyson want blue/white...GO BYU...(mostly Klous, Kyson just says...YAH!!!) And Aysha...well she's our little girly, girl...Princess!!! So she's all about Pink and Purple!!!! Oh to have such easy choices and decisions!!!!
Now for the living room...and the dining room...and the kitchen...and the family room...and the bathrooms...and OUR bedroom!!!!'s to hoping the colors we decided on all look ok and go well together!?!?!? We'll see how much I like painting after all these rooms get done!!! :) :) :) I'm excited long does this excitement last!?!?!?!


AnnaMarie said...

I'd say the excitement for painting lasts for one room. :) Good luck!

AmbertheGreat said...

yeah, where is the house? I hope i still run into you around town!!!