Thursday, November 17, 2011

House...OUR house!!!

So...we're buying a HOUSE!!! WooHoo right!!! We're VERY excited...we're VERY busy...and we're tired and worn out EVERY night so far this week!!! We've been in painting and prepping to move in!!! We are closing please everyone pray, cross your fingers, whatever so it all goes through and goes well!!! Yay!!! I can't really believe it...I can't believe it's really happening and that we'll really have a place of our's been a LONG time coming...and to have so much many rooms to much much storage...and so much SPACE!!! Hallelujah!!! I am just HAPPY!!! :) :) :) :)

I've taken pictures of the house before...I haven't put them on the computer yet...but I will...we've painted Aysha's room...and the boys room...working on the dining Ryan is doing OUR room...he says it's HIS surprise...and I can't see it til it's done!!! So...YAY!!! Stay tuned for pictures and things...hopefully I'll get some on tomorrow!?!?! It's all FOR REAL!!! Closing is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon...wish us luck!!!! :) :) :) :)


AnnaMarie said...

What? Why are you painting it before it's yours? I didn't know you could do that! I hope you close today!

Roberts Family said...

Hurray! The time has finally come - So happy for you guys!