Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a good Halloween...and the kids were THRILLED about their costumes!!! Thank goodness we have a sweet Aunt who helps us out and loves us!!! Cuz they wouldn't have looked near as cute with anything else...

Here's the kiddos...before all the fun festivities and parties on Saturday...Kyson - puppy, Klous - Iron Man, Aysha - Princess Belle
We went to Daddy's work Halloween morning...and ran to other places...it was a BUSY day...and I was exhausted by the end...but it's worth it all for the kids right!!!
And here's the most important part!!! THANK YOU AUNTIE KIM for making this Halloween so GREAT!!! We love you more then you know!!!!
Hope you all had a good Halloween too!!

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Roberts Family said...

Love Aysha's dress - she is a fantastic seamstress!