Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One year ago...(yesterday)...

Well our little Aysha May turned ONE yesterday. It was quite a day...but we made it and had a pretty good birthday for her I think!! I spent some of the day thinking about a year ago of course...I wonder if all Mom's do that!?!?! Do you think about the day you delivered your baby and how it all went and what you were doing at certain minutes!?!?! I do...and it's interesting to reflect on them...but are some pictures of our little princess joining our family a year ago "officially"...she was so so tiny...and just beautiful...(not so much can be said for Mommy though) :) :) :)

Klous was so excited to hold his baby sister and has been such an amazing big brother to her...we sure are lucky to have him as our BIG helper!! It's much needed...and Aysha sure adores and loves him!!!
And Daddy...what can I say...Aysha has been his little princess from day one...and I don't ever see that changing...he's an amazing dad and husband and I couldn't be any luckier. He keeps me going each day and takes over when he can tell I need a break...I love you babe and your kids adore you as well!!!
Here's our little princess...can't say she still looks like that though huh!!!
Gramma Judy was here a year ago too...that was a pure joy...and we can't wait for her to be out here again with this new baby...2 months of her help will be grately appreciated!!!
Now for's our Princess now...she's just a doll and we love her to death!! She's discovered her tongue and thinks it's cool to make noises with it!!!
Can't get enough of those so pretty!!!
And I couldn't be happier with her hair actually growing...cuz the ponies just make her that much cuter!!!
She truly is a Princess...and she knows it...didn't mind wearing her tiara yesterday!! That was the last minute theme for the party...(thanks Auntie Shauna for the idea) :) :) :)
Mommy and the kiddos...crazy to think it's been a year...and in less then a month there will be another one...oh dear!! I sure do love them though!! Happy Birthday Aysha May!! We love having you in our family!!!

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CaradonandtheBoys! said...

Cute pictures. You are an adorable family, and the new baby is lucky to have you!