Saturday, November 14, 2009

Better things...

Thank you to all who commented and posted on my last post...I really do appreciate it. Although I'd really like to know who posts comments and remains "ANONYMOUS"???? That's a bit annoying...but whatever...please make yourself known if you're willing!?!?!?

Anyways...onto bigger and better things...thought I'd post some cute pictures of the kids!! They really do make me smile even amongst everything else in life!!!

Aysha had a bit of a BAD HAIR DAY the other night after bath time :) I told Daddy he better get pictures!!!
Check out that hair...ok so maybe the eyes are a little more noticeable :) Cute girl!!
Aysha & Klous were playing with hats the other day...I thought they looked pretty cute!!!
Can't really see it, but he is wearing a brown hat too...crooked of course!!
She's getting brave and trying to climb and walk and move that means more accidents and face plants!! I don't know if you can really see it...but look at her cheek and check out the bruise...and the one just above her eyebrow...those happened in the same day!!!
And this is me when I was little and my parents had my pictures taken...I had a pretty bruised face...I guess the things that happen to you as a child happen to your children too :) :) :)
And finally this morning we woke up to a LITTLE bit of snow...and Klous was real excited about it!!! He ate his breakfast and then had to get dressed and ready to play in it!! There was only enough to wipe off the cars and make a few snowballs...but he had fun!!!
Him and Daddy had fun throwing them at Mommy too...not very nice huh!!
It's gonna be fun this winter with Klous!! But he'll have to get over and realize the way snow works in comes and then melts in the same day usually!!! He wasn't real happy about that this morning...maybe we'll get some GOOD storms and he'll enjoy it more!!!

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