Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall fun...

Last week I got a crazy bee in my bonnet and decided to rake up the backyard. It was quite a job, but the kids & I had fun...and when Daddy came home, he had fun too!! With the weather getting colder and winter just around the corner...we have to find something to do outside on the "somewhat decent" days!!! So here are some pictures of our adventures in the leaf pile and with the slide...Klous loved it, and I was surprised with how excited Aysha was about it as well!!! It was fun...even though it made me have contractions a bit and make the baby mad I worked so much!! Oh well...nothing happened!! Just some exercise!! Yay for me :)

Princess in the leaves :)
What cute kids huh!!

Klous like to get covered up!!
So handsome :)
I just love this face...had to share!! Those BIG eyes are amazing!!!
Oh and of course she had to taste them too :)
Klous helping Aysha down the slide!!

Concentrating so hard!!
Hi Mommy!!
He's getting so big :(

Mommy and the kiddos...it was a fun afternoon...and the fresh air felt nice...even though it turned our noses red!!!


krista said...

How fun! Klous and Aysha both have such beautiful big eyes!! I love them!! Aysha's hair looks like it is darker than I remembered. Has it gotten darker? They are both so cute and fun!

Ambyr40 said...

You guys are so cute!! My girls seeing you all! Love you Becky

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Absolutely adorable. I love fall, and wish we had more of it this year!

Andrea and Danny said...

man i dont think you could have cuter kids! they are ADORABLE! i love aysha's BIG brown eyes!!

Karla said...

Fun, fun, fun! I miss having leaves to rake up... even if I didn't like to rake them up all the time. We have NO TREES here, well not much of a yard at all in fact. Looks like you all had a fun time in the leaves. You have such CUTE kids!