Sunday, December 7, 2008


I love Christmas time...even though we don't have a lot of money to make things as great for Klous & Aysha like I would like...but that's not the point right!! That's not the real meaning of it all anyways...and it'll be good to teach that to Klous I think.
Anyways...this weekend Ryan & Klous got the Christmas stuff out of the shed...we were just going to set up a small tree again because we don't have a lot of room...and I didn't want to deal with Klous and pulling things off. After seeing how excited he was about some of the decorations we have...I told Ryan we needed to bring in the big tree...we'd move the rocking chair into Klous' room for now...and put it there. So we did...Klous had a you'll see with the pictures!!!

He was all about helping Daddy and getting it all out...he even took breaks from watching the football game on t.v.
He helped Daddy get it out of the box...
And put it in the stand...he didn't like when the branches fell and got him though!!
I think his favorite part of setting up the tree and fluffing the branches was playing with all my snowmen!! For the last few years Ryan has gotten me one snowman that's cute...usually they sing or Klous had a blast with those!! I'll post a video tomorrow maybe so you can really see him dancing with them...but in this picture, he has all of them singing and dancing and he's know...that annoying kid in Wal-Mart that pushes ALL the buttons and they're all singing at the same time...yeah that'll be Klous!!!
Today we decorated the tree...Ryan just put the lights on yesterday then we got busy with other after church, we got the ornaments out...and Klous had fun doing that...Daddy helped him put this one up a little higher...
Otherwise they're all about this height...Klous could only reach so high you know!!!
Here he is dancing again :)
Klous and the finished tree...he's pretty proud of it!!
Aysha and the tree...she stared at the lights for a bit!!
She's so cute...and changing so much already...
Klous had to lay on the boppy too...he's a bit bigger then Aysha though :)
Here's the tree...well from the middle down...notice how the majority of the ornaments are in the same area...even on the same branch...we thought it was cute and funny...and couldn't change it of course!!!
This branch is Ryan's favorite...all those bells are on individual strings...but apparently Klous thought they all had to be together...because after putting them all over the tree...he took them all off...sat down on the floor...and put them all on the same branch. He hasn't touched them since...silly kid!!
That was our Christmas adventures for the weekend...hope you all are as excited and anxious for the holiday season as we are!!! Happy Holidays!!!


Aprilyn said...

Klous did a great job! I think he looks so cute dancing along with the snowmen!!
We got our tree Friday and got it set up. I have a collection of Disney Ornaments from years ago that I love. I love Christmas!! It is such a wonderful time.

Julie said...

Way too cute! Christmas is so much fun when they are little, but the teenagers don't care. I had to ask them to put some decorations on the tree. When they were little they asked me every 5 seconds. I miss that. Enjoy it while they are little.

Andrea and Danny said...

HOW CUTE!! I can't wait till we have little ones to make the holidays so much more fun!! Hope everything is going well!!
Love you!

JJ said...

You're decorations look great, Klous!! Gabe did our tree and it has much the same look...just a little higher. It hit me this year that, I will miss this later, so I haven't changed any of it either.