Sunday, December 7, 2008

The changes with having a girl...:)

Last week I got Aysha dressed and ready...I got one of her bows to put on her head...but then realized I didn't have any Karo I had to wait til I went to the store...anyways...Klous got a hold of the bow!! This is what he showed me when he came up to me...he was saying..."Mommy me...Mommy Me" I had to get pictures.

Isn't he a pretty little boy with a bow!! :)
He even does his big cheeser smile!!!
I don't know that Daddy was too proud of this...especially since he kept wearing it because I was laughing at him...but that only lasted for a minute...guess we'll see how many other things he gets into that are "girly"...he just loves his sister!!!


Karla Hayes said...

Another thing that works for putting baby bows on is K-Y Jelly, funny huh! I always use it to put on the bows. A nurse told me that at the hospital one time. I thought it was wierd, but it works great!!

Mindy said...

I was going to write that you could always use KY jelly. Haha, looks like someone already took my comment! A friend told me this secret AND a nurse too, so guess you're the last to know.

Klous Family said...

Nope Becki, you aren't the last to know...I had no clue what you were talking about with the Karo Syrup. Then reading what other people wrote...KY jelly??? I'm definitely THE LAST TO KNOW!! :)