Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Pictures 2008

Last Friday while Ryan was off...we had family pictures taken. It's great the coupons you get in the diaper bags from the hospital...when you have a baby!! So yeah...we wanted to do pictures of the kids for sure before Christmas...but when we got the coupon and it was NO sitting fees for anyone...and all the sheets of pictures were $3.99 we couldn't pass up doing all these. So yeah...I would be like some people and keep out the ones for Christmas cards...but I'm still not sure how I'm doing those you just get to see all my favorites of the pictures!!

My adorable little family...we matched so nicely...and everyone is smiling!!
A little "extra" thing the studio made up with the pictures...didn't buy it, but it's cute!! Look how hard Klous is laughing in the family picture!!
I LOVE this one of him...he's so handsome...and those are the puppy dog eyes that get me everytime!!! I love my baby boy!!
Handsome lil' devil!! Check out that dimple in this cheek!!
He's getting so big...I just can't believe it...
So precious...he just loves his baby sister!!
My precious little girl...I love her leg and her lips...she's so beautiful!!
Ryan had a good idea Friday morning to bring her blessing dress...thanks mom...and she looks so beautiful in it!!
I think she just looks like a little princess in this one...her expression and all!!
Aysha in Daddy's hands...she's so little!!
I love this one...I like baby feet anyways...but I thought this was a cute idea...our wedding rings on her little toes...Ryan's hand on bottom...mine on top!! CUTE!!
Ok...there you go...we don't get the actual pictures back until Dec. 17th...but now you can at least have a sneak peak!! Thanks to JJ for making me realize I could download them and save them to my computer!! I sure am a lucky girl to have such an amazing little family with 2 happy, healthy kids!!! Who could ask for more!?!?!


Mindy said...

Those are very beautiful pictures. You're right about Klous' handsomeness and puppy dog eyes. And Aysha does look like a little princess. All the pics look great AND you got a great deal, lucky!
(Don't forget to change your "about me" names because Aysha is still missing).

Aprilyn said...

Oh, they all look so great!! It's hard to choose just a few I'm sure. I love the ones of Klous. Yeah, I can see those puppy dog eyes. Aysha is absolutely beautiful!!

krista said...

These pictures are soo good! I don't know how you could pick which ones to buy, they are all so cute! I love the picture with Klous holding Aysha! She is so adorable!

Andrea and Danny said...

Awww I love these pictures!! You are all so happy! Klous is SUCH a heartbreaker! SO Handsome!! And Aysha is soo beautiful!
Love you guys!

Karla said...

SO FUN!! Thanks for sharing. They are great pictures. I love baby feet and baby hands... oh who am I kidding, I just love Babies! Your pictures turned out so good, and even did the whole blessing dress thing too, very clever! I still owe you some headbands...

Klous Family said...

Wow! I love the pictures! Maybe next year we'll be able to afford professional pictures...what a deal you guys got! That's awesome! The pictures are all so beautiful! I agree with someone else who would be too hard to pick only a few! Klous is such a stud!! He's really handsome!! And Aysha is BEAUTIFUL! She's got great color! Ryleigh started out darker but is now WHITE like her mommy! Go figure! :) Sure wish we could hold your new sweet baby!! I cannot believe how tiny she is!!
Love you guys!!

JJ said...

The pictures turned out all look really great in them!

The Mighty Miners said...

Great family pictures, you look like you lost your weight. Cool. She's beautiful! You guys have a beautiful family. Merry Christmas to you!