Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter is coming!!

We heard on the news the last few days there was gonna be snow coming...but I was hesitant to believe it would actually come to the valley!! I just don't always know if the weather men really know what they're talking about or not. Well when we woke up this morning...I peeked out the window and sure enough...there was snow on the ground. With Mom being here...those of you who know her...she refused to go anywhere or do anything cuz that "white stuff is out there" yeah, we were REAL lazy today. It was kinda nice!!! Klous was so excited when I opened the blinds this morning and he noticed it snowing and when it warmed up a little, I bundled him up and we ventured outside.

He just had to trudge back and forth in the front yard to scoop up the snow on his boots.
He sure is more excited about it this year compared to last year!!
He actually was picking it up and playing in it too...mostly picking it up and licking it, but whatever...luckily no yellow snow!!
He was proud of all his treasured snow though!!
He even had to help Mommy clean off the van...not that we went anywhere...but we cleaned it off at least!!! He's a big helper!!! I think this winter will be a fun one...and I'm kind of excited to see him help us make a snowman and stuff!!


krista said...

Klous looks like he is having fun in the snow! We took Ava out in the snow this morning and she just stood still and kept saying that she wanted to go inside. I am not sure if we will be making any snowmen this year!

Mindy said...

Hi to your mom! No snow here yet. I bet we'll have a temperature drop and it will happen really soon though. My kids still enjoy the leaf pile behind our house. Klous looks like he is so excited for the snow. You'll have a fun, fun winter.

Julie said...

Klous will have a ton of fun this year, especially when there is lots of snow.

Klous Family said...

I'm so excited for it to snow! I keep saying i'm not ready for it yet but the first ones are always fun! It's January Feb.that I don't look forward to! Hope you are having fun with your Mom! She makes me laugh with her fear of snow! LOL :)
Klous is way cute in the snow too! Eat that snow while you can, Klous!! The yellow stuff isn't so yummy i'm sure!
Love you!

JJ said...

The snow was soo pretty to wake up to. I am glad Klous had fun out in it. I love his little green mittens. See you next week!!!