Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's finally here...well the day at least!!

Alrighty...well tomorrow is the BIG day... we have to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning and they'll start the induction. It's really quite crazy if you ask me...I'm way excited and happy to meet this little girl (it better be a girl)...but of course I'm freaking out too. Oh'll be fine right!! I told Ryan we should take some pictures tonight of my last night being here they are...I really don't think I'm that big...but that's alright I long as she's healthy and big enough we'll be good!! I think with her crazy positions it's screwed up me getting any bigger too, but who knows?? I'm hoping and praying that she's still head down...because I'm having my we'll let you know how it all goes...but just wanted to post our last belly shots before this baby is OUT!! Woo Hoo!!! Don't mind the dorky faces...I never know if Ryan's getting my whole body or yeah...they're dorky!!! Stay tuned for cuter pictures of baby and Big Brother Klous!! He's so stinkin' cute and can't wait to hold the baby on his lap...made me cry tonight when he was showing me how he was going to hold her...he's adorable!!!

Ah...DUH :) Check out that belly!!!


breckster said...

we'll be praying for you! I hope your induction goes way better than the one I had with Reub.

LOVE YOU!!! can't wait to see the pictures.

Morgan said...

You are probably hooked up to all the good drugs right now! I hope and pray that all goes well with the delivery! I can't wait to see pictures of the new little one!

Mindy said...

Yeah! Good luck. I'll look forward to the pics of the new'll be working on your blog at the hospital right?! hahaha. I had a friend that did that, I just couldn't believe she'd have the energy after just giving birth!
Hope all goes well!!!

Aprilyn said...

You look great! I hope the delivery goes well and you'll be home in time for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see pictures of the new addition!