Thursday, October 30, 2008

TAG...I'm it again...

I got tagged by my LOVING friend I get to share more "fun" things about myself!!
Here are the rules...list 6 things I value...6 things I don't value...then tag 6 friends!!
Here goes...

6 Things I Value:

1. My amazing, loving husband that does more for me then he really realizes. His constant care and concern for how I'm doing and what's going on...I couldn't ask for more lately!!
2. My beautiful little boy...who keeps me on my toes ALL the time...and this little girl I have coming too, who will obviously keep my going...she's made things interesting the last few months!!
3. The Gospel...I wouldn't be the person I am today without it...and I wouldn't be able to make it through the things I do if I didn't have it...sure is nice to have faith and knowledge of our Heavenly Father!!
4. My extended family, close friends, and neighbors who actually care and are genuinely concerned about what's going on and want to help. Sure do appreciate all you guys!!!
5. Diet Coke...I know I shouldn't drink it as much as I do...but it sure tastes good!!!
6. All the main necessities in life that are met daily...warm home to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, cars to drive...and the things I take for granted too often but really would be lost without any of them.

6 Things I Don't Value:

1. Dishonest people...just be honest with yourself and those around'll make things a LOT better!!
2. Bills...sure wish I didn't have to pay them...or had more money to take care of them without stressing every month.
3. People who seem to think they're better then others...why can't we all just get along!?!?!
4. Babies who are breech...I really do love this little girl, and can't wait for her to get here...but I really wish she would just flip around or that we'd be able to figure out what to do, because it's stinkin' UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Only a few weeks left, then I can hold her in my ARMS and not my RIBS!!!
5. Stinky/yucky diapers from Klous...or any other kid for that gross!!
6. Tedious jobs that always have to be dishes, laundry, picking up toys, just the normal "mom" stuff we have to do!! there's some info about me...I struggled a bit to come up with all of them, but oh well, maybe cuz it's late and I'm tired!! Hope you all get some great pleasure out of this and enjoy learning about me!!
I tag...Anna...Andrea...Mindy...Morgan...Tara...and Jana :) :) :)


Julie said...

This is so much fun reading everyone's tag's. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! BOO!!!!!!!!!!!

ChasingChase said...

I just hope you know, you are amazing. I know you are having a hard time with the pregnancy lately, but I really admire how well you are handling it all!