Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Summer Accessories!!!

Well...what can I say...Mommy can't pass up cute accessories for baby Klous!!! I don't have a I have to make my little boy SOOOO cute!!! We go on walks quite often, and he doesn't like the sunshine in his eyes. So I found these sunglasses!! He leaves them alone most of the time...but the real secret is...they have an elastic band and velcro on the they STAY ON!!!! So hope you like these cute pictures of our COOL DUDE!!! :) :) :)

All bundled up and ready to go walking/running with mommy!!! He's so cute huh!!!

1 comment:

krista said...

He is the coolest dude in his shades, hat, and hoodie! All of the girls are going to be after him!