Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shorts weather!!!

Well we're very, VERY happy that the warm weather is here...don't know that it's here to stay, but we're glad it's here. Today was about 70 degrees...Klous started out in overalls and a shirt, but got too warm, so I had to pull out a shorts outfit!!! He's REAL happy to have it on as you can tell!!! YEAH WARM WEATHER!!! :) :) :) Mommy & Klous spent most of the day outside walking and painting!! It was very nice!!!

See...he's so cute in his little outfit!!! They actually look like shorts when he's laying down!!! He likes them!!

And he's happy to pose for the camera and let me take a few pictures!!!

But when he stands up....you can't see his legs!!! He's being a gangsta :) in them!!! But he's cute either way!!!

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krista said...

I love the little shorts and shoes! Klous looks adorable. I am sure that he must be loving the nice weather and being able to go outside with his mom! We had so much fun seeing him on Friday and hope to see him again soon!