Thursday, March 1, 2007

Photo Shoot :) Mommy got bored today and thought she would do a little "photo shoot" with Baby Klous!!! He was cooperative for a while...but was really more interested in watching "Elmo's World" instead of smiling for me...but here are a few pictures to show the many faces and personalities of our lil' baby Klous :) :) :)

Gotta love the REAL smile...he's so happy...happy eyes...happy eyebrows...and those dimple!!!
He's learning a new trick to sit up lately...he needs to be supported still...but he's getting there!!
This here is the "Kermit the Frog" face!!! So funny!!! Or the Papa Bob smile :) Love you Papa!!!
Gotta love his eyes...such a happy glow in them!!! He is awfully cute huh!!
OK MOM....I'm sick of posing now....grrrrrrrrrr :)
Ok baby...then we'll switch to BLACK and WHITE!!! And move stopped the whining!!
Ummm...I'm a little tired, drunk, stoned, whatever!!! Are we done yet?? :)
Oh my...gotta love his little toes...ok so his LONG toes!!! And yes...he got his mommy's toes...his 2nd toe is longer then his big's okay that's how mine are too!! :) Only a few people make fun of me for it!!! :) :) :) :)
I'm so strong...and love being only in my onesie!!! I'm BIG!!! I fell over and I'm last smile for Mommy...then we're DONE!!!
Hope you enjoyed that photo shoot!! I enjoyed it and got a lot of pretty cute pictures!! These are only a few of them!! Gotta love my baby!!! Makes me smile even when I'm sad!!! :)

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krista said...

Klous has such a cute smile!! I love his eyes! They really lighten up when he smiles!