Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Think he likes baseball??? :) :) :)

Klous has always had a love of sports...and balls...and outside...and bats...and whatever else he could get his hands on to throw, swing, or hit!! Last night while Daddy was at class...we were sick of being in the house, so we went to the park...and then ran to Wal-Mart...we walked around and looked at the fishy's (Klous' favorite thing about that store)...and then went back by the balls...always a mistake, but I had to look at something. Anyways...they had all their baseball/T-Ball helmets on CLEARANCE. They were like more then 1/2 off and Klous wanted to wear one as soon as he saw them!! Now you'd think for a little boy who is almost 2-years old...that he'd be able to wear the smallest ones...NOPE!!! We had to put the T-Ball ones aside and find a "YOUTH" size....he has such a BIG head!! Either's cute and hopefully he'll be able to wear it and use it for was only $5...obviously nothing way special...but good enough for us!!!

When we got home, he had to wear it and play some baseball...I don't like to brag, but he's getting good!! He doesn't like us to tell him to "SWING" anymore...he just does it on his own...and since we've gone to a few baseball games...he has to "lift his leg" when he throws the he's pitching or something!!! He's silly!! I'm excited to go to South Dakota in a couple weeks and have him play with Papa, and his uncles, and his cousin!! Yeah!!!

Here are the pictures from our "baseball game" last night...hope you like his stants...swings...throwing...and pitching!!! He's getting big!!! And he's so dang cute!!!

Oh more side note...I had some ice cream at like 10:00 last night...just as the news was was REAL good...but it was a bad idea...the sugar all got to the baby around 11:00...and we were up for awhile doing flips, kicks, punches, and whatever else she could maneuver in there!! Silly kid...note to self...don't eat ice cream that late at night anymore!!!


Klous Family said...

YOUTH size helmet?!?! Thats a big head for such a little boy!! :) I hear ya on the icecream late at night!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice and crunch it ALL the time. I don't know if its cold for the baby or what but it really gets this baby going!! ...especially at night! There are nights I think i'll never fall asleep!! You'd think I would just not eat ice late at night...that would seriously be like asking me to stop breathing though!! haha!!
You need to post more pics or your belly!! Have you stopped losing weight yet?? I'm not going to be the only cow in SD so you had better put on some weight!! 2 WEEKS!!! :)
Love you!!

Mindy said...

He is so cute! Your entire family must be completely proud that he is so into baseball.

krista said...

Klous looks so cute playing baseball! I am really impressed that Klous can swing the bat! He seems too little! It sounds like your little baby loves ice cream!