Monday, August 11, 2008

24 weeks and counting!! :) Just kidding...

Some people have been wanting more belly pictures...ok well mostly my sister-in-laws because they want to be prepared to see the BIG COW in a week!!! Just kidding...I have definitely POPPED out all of a sudden...and this baby is OUT OF CONTROL at times...usually later at night and in the afternoon. I don't remember Klous moving around this much...but maybe I'm just forgetful??

Well I'm 24 weeks along now...things are going alright...I've been feeling okay the last few days...(knock on wood)...because as soon as I talk positively about it...I get more we'll see. My belly is getting BIG and in the way...doing dishes has become a chore cuz I can't get as close to the sink...and trying to "squeeze" through places...doesn't really work anymore...can't suck in my tummy!!! Silly thing!!! Here are some pics Ryan took the other night...Anna...YES I am getting BIG too...and feel like a cow!!! We'll be HUGE together in South Dakota!!!

Then there's Klous...he's been obsessed with this helmet...pretty much wears it ALL the time...but oh well!! At least his head is protected right!! This is usually what he looks like when he puts it on himself...squishes and folds his ears down so he can't hear me!! It's kinda funny...but at least he's having fun right!!!
What a silly boy...sure do love him!! He's getting so big and smart lately...he'll randomly say words now that we didn't even know he's kinda fun!! He's getting more talkative and is able to communicate better!! It'll be fun to "talk" to him!!!


Mike and Jana Black said...

You don't look like a cow, you look cute. Sounds like you have an active baby, maybe she'll give you a run for your money. Maybe even wilder than Klous.

Klous Family said...

Your belly is so cute!! Guess I'll be the cow before and after the baby can just be a cow after!! So not looking forward to that part...what good mothers we are!;)
I go to the doctor today so i'm gonna make sure he is ok with me traveling. I'm sure it will be fine, i'm not going across the country! I'm feeling HUGE and very sore and pretty grumpy so I hope I don't break down in front of him! HORMONES!! Guess he understands pregnant women though!! :)
Thanks for posting the adorable belly pictures!! TOO CUTE!
Love you!

Andrea and Danny said...

Thanks for puttin pics up becki!! Love the belly! See you guys soon!

krista said...

You look so cute! I can't believe that you are already 24 weeks!! Your little baby will be here so soon! Klous looks so cute in his helmet!