Friday, May 2, 2008

Hope of America....

I don't know if any of you have ever been to this before...but I LOVE it!! It's the Hope of America performance...there's like 7,000 elementary age kids that perform...from all over Utah you can see, a LOT of the kids sit in the stands in the shape and layout of the American Flag. It's AWESOME!!! They sing a lot of songs, do dancing, and other performing. It's all patriotic stuff just talking about our country, military, and people who have come to our country. I don't know...I really enjoy it...some people may think I'm retarded...but I have to admit that I LOVE the 4th of July...I LOVE all the patriotic stuff...and it just gives me chills and tears in my eyes when I think about our military, their families, and all they sacrifice!!! Hope you enjoy this post...and hope it gets you all in the spirit of 4th of July!!! Time to get ready for the "Freedom Festival"!!!! :) :) :)

One of the performances they this group of cute little old ladies who dance to country music!! I love it...they range in age from like 45-91!!! I think they said this year that between all of them, they have like over 350 grandchildren and great grandchildren...amazing!!! Anyways...this video is of the cute little lady who is 91 and still kickin'...I look forward to seeing her, because when I'm that old...I sure hope I can move like this!!! Enjoy!!!

Klous had a good time too...I worried about if he'd sit for the whole thing, or how he'd do...he got a little restless at the beginning and during the long songs...but all in all...he made it and did good!! He liked watching the kids sing and dance...he even helped do some of the actions with the was a good time!!!
This next my FAVORITE song of the whole thing!! It's the last song they sing...and I just love it!! It's cool how they perform it and how it looks in the Marriot Center!! All the kids in the flag have a when it starts out dark...just keep really is a good song...and has an AMAZING message!!! Gives me chills just thinking about it!!!

Here's just another picture of the "Kid Flag"...I think it's so cool how they do it...and how real it looks!!! I can't wait for all the other festivities coming up this summer...and to be able to feel the great spirit of our country!! Thank goodness for all our freedoms!!!



krista said...

I have never been to the Hope of America concert but it looks really cool! I especially love the grandmas dancing. I also hope I can do that at their age! I will have to go next year.

JJ said...

That looks like a really cool concert to go to, and I bet it was really cool for those kids to be part of it. Thanks for sharing...gave me chills too!