Saturday, April 26, 2008

Full day of FUN adventures!!

Today we have had a BUSY day!!! It was a good day that's nice!! I didn't take pictures of everything we did...just part of it...but I thought I'd post some of them!! We started off this morning, by heading up to Sandy, UT to have lunch with a friend of mine!! Before we left...Klous decided he wanted to drive...figured we'd start him a little young!!! He'll be great I think...See how excited he is when we let him "drive"...I remember being like that!!!
We got up to Sandy...and met up with my "long-lost friend Morgan"...her & I haven't seen each other since our senior year of high school. So that was in March 2001!!! Here's a picture of us back then...that was SEVEN years ago...crazy!!! Man we're cute!!
Then this is us now...she's still so much ;) Anyways...we're still the same...just older...
Oh yeah...and we have husbands and kids!! Morgan's got 2 ADORABLE boys...and I've got Klous...he's pretty cute too!!
Here's all of us together...Morgan's little guy Tyler was pretty proud of his Narnia book!! He's showing it off if you can't tell!!! It was GREAT seeing them and meeting each other's hubby's for the first time!!! We had to do it too...they're headed to Texas for "REAL LIFE"...someday we'll be at that point too!!
It just made me realize again...that no matter how long it's been...when you've got a TRUE's like there was never a gap in the time you saw each other!! We still laughed, chatted, and hung out like we used to. It was great!! Friends are great...good luck guys!! :) :) :)

After that visit...we made our way back to Utah County...I had a bridal shower...went to a craft fair...then we had a wedding reception tonight too for an old was a BUSY day...and we're all glad to be at home just relaxing!!! Ahhhhh :)


Chad said...

I'm so glad you got to see Morgan. Sounds like you had a blast...and a busy day, holy moly.

krista said...

Sounds like a busy day! Those days are always fun but they definitely leave you tired! Klous is so cute in the driver's seat!! I love his big smile!! And, Becki, you are totally cute and have an adorable family!!

Morgan said...

Becki, you are so funny! You are so cute...just as cute if not cuter than you were 7 years ago! Silly. I am so glad we were able to meet up before we moved! I really miss our hanging out time! We defiantly need to make sure it's not 7 years before we do that again!

Tara said...

Gavin loves to drive too! We let him drive down my parents street on sunday, with a little help of course! But it's fun to see them really developing such unique little personalities!