Monday, December 17, 2007

Klous' Exciting Day!!

Today, the insulations FINALLY got put in the other side!! WOO HOO...this is a very exciting thing for us, because we've been dealing with temps of 59-61 degrees in our bedrooms...that's when we go to OBVIOUSLY it just gets colder as the night goes on right!!! :) :) :) So yeah...we're VERY excited to have insulation in the wall connecting us to the other side...maybe that'll keep OUR heat in HERE!!! after that was done...Klous was woken up from his nap by VERY loud men delivering the sheet rock!!! So I went to get Klous...and he was all excited about seeing the BIG trucks outside our house!!! (sorry for the glare)This is what he was watching!!! They had a cool lifter thing that would just bring it right to the door on the other was pretty cool!!
Then Klous was sick of my taking pictures and this is him trying to get the camera!! Cute face huh!! :)
Then tonight...while we were waiting for Daddy to get home from work...this is Klous watching the Wiggles...VERY intently!! You like that face...I was laughing at him...cuz he just sat like that!!! :) :) :)
Then he got a different expression when a song came on that he liked!! He was even shaking his head like they do in the song...he's so fun now!! All his jabbering and's GREAT!!! Can't wait for Christmas!! WOO HOO :) Just a little over 7 days :) :) :)


breckster said...

hooray for not freezing in your own home... we can totally relate with that! Last winter it got down to 50 degrees in our basement apartment with no heat ducts.

krista said...

I am so glad that you finally got the insulation! Ava moves around in her sleep and never keeps a blanket on so we are always worried about her getting cold. Larry turns the heat up so high that I often end up getting so hot in the middle of the night but I also hate being cold in the middle of the night so I am not sure which is worse? Anyways, Klous is so cute watching the truck!