Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Colder Weather...

The last couples weeks have really been cooling off...and it even snowed last weekend...so it's been a change for Klous!!! He was too little at this time last year to realize what it was like...but now...he's all about playing outside...regardless of what it's like!!! If the door gets opened, you better be ready to let him out or block him so he can't get out...and then listen to him SCREAM because he wants to go outside!!! It's been fun to pull out all the "warm" clothes...and get him bundled up to play!!! We went and got him some snowpants, winter coat, mittens, and this hat!!! He'll be so so cute building a snowman!!!

These pictures were from last week...he had fun playing with the hose and finding more sticks!! Isn't he so cute with his little hat on his BIG HEAD!!!
Regardless of how warm or cold it is...he's all smiles and excited to just be outside!!!

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krista said...

Klous looks so cute with that hat on and I love the yellow coat! I am just excited for Ava to learn to walk (though right now she doesn't really seem to be interested in walking since she is able to somehow get into everything while crawling). She just doesn't understand why I won't let her crawl everywhere outside and gets very mad! Anyways, Klous looks adorable!