Sunday, October 21, 2007

Anniversary Weekend...6 years!!

This weekend (October 20th) was our 6 year Ryan had quite the weekend planned!! I'm not one for surprises...and really just get irritated and upset over NOT knowing what's going after some talking and explaining that with Ryan...he told me what the plans were!! Woo Hoo!!! He took Friday off, so we could have an extra day together which was nice!!! We left Klous at Grandma's :( which was very hard on all of us I think!! In a good way though...we all need a little time away...and it was a very happy reunion when we came home!!!

Here's Klous & Grandma "seeing us off"...GOOD LUCK!!! :)Ryan had reservations at Red Lion Hotel in Salt that's where we headed...and when we got there...this was our view outside our room!!! There was a little balcony for us to look out on...and I thought the mountains and view was beautiful!!!
Here's the part of the hotel we stayed in...we were on the 8th floor...our room is right in the middle...2nd from the top!!! We were high up there!!!
When we got up Saturday morning and went outside...this was what I saw on the balcony!! Gave Ryan a hard time about picking up a new habit...since he was up until 2 a.m. watching T.V!!! We didn't get back to the hotel Friday night though until after midnight!!! We went to the Gateway on Friday & Saturday to see Game Plan & Bourne Ultimatum!! Both were VERY good movies!!!
On Sunday morning, Ryan had it planned that we would go to Temple Square and watch Music & the Spoken Word!! Neither of us had been it was exciting...although quite chilly to be standing outside the Tabernacle waiting!!! So I used some time to take pictures of the temple and Angel Moroni!!!
For those who don't know Music & the Spoken Word is broadcast every Sunday morning, and has been since 1929...they've NEVER missed a Sunday!!! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings...and it's just AMAZING!!! I want to go back!!!
Here's the choir during their rehearsal!!! So So good!!!
After that, we went back to the hotel...and I guess I didn't mention earlier...but when we checked into our hotel, 2 charter buses pulled in as well, with a football team...or so we found out!!! When we were going to our room, we were on the elevator with some of the players, and their coats all said Eastern Football!!! Well come to find out...that's who BYU was playing on yeah...we were in the same hotel as that team!! Saturday night after we came back from dinner...and heard on the radio that BYU WON...42-7...we had to get on the elevator picture this...Ryan wearing his BYU hoodie...I had my BYU T-Shirt under a sweatshirt...and again...4 players of Eastern Washington's team in their with us!!! Ryan got looked up and down by 3 of the players...and I just asked them if it was snowing through the whole game?!?! The only one that would talk said..."it started in the 4th quarter...and it was stickin'...and I DON'T play in snow!!" So maybe that was the reason for the loss?? Who knows?!?! But also when we got back to the hotel Sunday morning...I stepped onto the balcony and saw the team loading up to go...I just had to take some pictures to prove they were really there!! So I'm guessing this first one is a coach??? And the second picture is just a player getting on the bus!!!

Ryan thought this was pretty...with the mountains, high clouds, and low clouds!!! Utah got some snow Saturday the mountains were looking awfully pretty!!!
Then we just headed home...Klous was all hugs and kisses when he saw us!! It was good to be back...made us appreciate what we have more...and also bring us closer together as a couple!! Thanks babe for the GREAT weekend!!! :) :) :)

Oh's a video I did at the end of the program this morning...all the broadcast had stopped...and they were just thanking the audience for I pulled out the camera!! Don't know if I was supposed to or not?!?! Hope you enjoy it...we did!! :)


breckster said...

Happy anniversary guys! Holy, six years!

krista said...

Happy anniversary! It sounds like it was tons of fun!