Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ryan's Good News!!

So I thought I would write and let everyone know Ryan's good news. I don't know that he'll share it or not, so I will for him!! I'm excited for him and for our family!! He got a job today at Utah Community Credit Union...he'll be working in the Collections department, doing the same thing I was doing before I had Klous. He's going to school for Business Management with an emphasis in banking/finance, so it'll be good for him to have a job in the banking field!! I really think he'll enjoy it and have fun learning all the things there are to learn!! He starts in a couple weeks, and we'll see how he enjoys it later. He's happy to not have to be on the phones all day long, he was having a real tough time going to work and enjoying it. So I'm REAL happy to have him at something new and something that has a little more excitement and activity then what he was doing!! Who wouldn't enjoy getting people to pay their bills...repo'ing cars...canceling cards...and all the other FUN stuff that people don't realize will happen if they don't take care of their bills!!! GOOD LUCK RYRY :) :) :)....sorry there's no pictures on this one....ok nevermind...here's a cute one of Klous!!!

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krista said...

Klous looks darling as usual! Good luck on your first repo Ryan! The calls after were always interesting.