Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just playing...

Klous really likes is Exersaucer!!! Not to mention the little instrument toys we have for him. He plays the piano, guitar, and trumpet!! He's a real happy boy when he gets to play if you can't tell!! I just love his dimples when he smiles!!! Makes me think of when I was little and Grandma Vera and Leonard would always comment on them!! Guess I was lucky to pass them on to him!!! So so cute!!!
The dumbfounded look of me catching him playing!!!
Giving his puppy BIG kisses!!!
His new thing lately is to make this face and hum real's really funny...then he blows/spits bubbles and gets all slobbery...hence the daily bibs he has to wear!!! But gotta love the faces he makes!!
Here is is again...look at his lips!! HA HA HA :) so cute!!

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