Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dentist...Klous' BIG dentist experience!!!

After a LONG time waiting and thinking they weren't THAT bad...and wondering if they'd just fall out on their own...or wondering when Klous would complain of pain...(p.s...DON'T let it get to that point)...Klous finally got to go in today for his BIG dentist appointment. He's been before and had cavities filled...and we've talked about what would have to be done for the front teeth...but we're just not the best parents...and kept putting it off...dentists AREN'T cheap... he went in...we knew the plan was to pull one front tooth...cap the other front tooth...cap a couple molars in back...(because the dentist who did the fillings did something that the tooth was cracking all around it...AWESOME)...and then maybe fill a couple last cavities. Well Ryan took Klous in this morning...Klous was doing GREAT and not too nervous or worried about it...obviously doesn't like the dentist and didn't want to go...(who does???)...but he was being a good sport!!!
About 30 minutes later Ryan calls me and the dentist says there's a chance that when one front tooth has so much decay and problems, that there's a GOOD chance the other one does too...SO??? We can pull both front teeth...or still cap the other one, but run the risk of needing it to be pulled soon because of problems...WHATEVER...just pull them. They're baby teeth, they'll grow in soon...he'll be 5 next week and will start losing teeth in the next year ya...just pull them both...
Well Klous was put under...completely out for the WHOLE procedure...(when Ryan brought him home he asked..."Daddy, did I even go to sleep??" :) So cute...totally unaware of what just happened!!!) after waking up and coming out of anesthesia...he was with Ryan again and quite the toothless boy!!!

Here's the silver caps on the back hold the teeth together...
His big toothless mouth...those poor bloody spots...gross...
BIG gummy smile!! He was still pretty loopy and groggy during these pictures!!! But what a good sport!!!
And check out those teeth...HUGE roots huh!?!?! Why are they so big??? When kids 5-7 yr olds lose their teeth...the roots aren't that big!?!?! So what's up with these being so huge!?!??!!
The cute little treasure box he got to put his teeth he can put them under his pillow for the tooth fairy!!! "She'll be SO surprised tonight, because she doesn't know he got BOTH teeth pulled...she only knew he was getting ONE!!!" He's so cute!!!
All in all...he was a GREAT sport...and he survived a MAJOR dental procedure...not something I like at all...actually I STRONGLY dislike the dentist...but such is life and we all must deal with going right!!
Here's to hoping Klous doesn't have more major teeth issues and that I can learn from this and do better with the other kids' teeth!!! UGH...dumb teeth!!!

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Jamie said...

THe roots of the baby tooth dissolve as the permanent tooth starts to move into place. That's why it gets loose and comes out. The roots holding it in place have disappeared. I learned THAT at the dentist!
We've also had some teeth pulled early so that's why I got the lesson. I had the same questions. sorry little Klous had to go through that. yuck.