Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring was here...

Last week was BEAUTIFUL outside...and it was even better for the kids. They loved being outside all morning and then a little bit after naptime too!! So I had to get the camera out and take pictures of them playing...cuz they were so excited!!! We also had to get new sunglasses for Klous & Aysha...cuz they really don't like the sun in their eyes!!

Stud huh!!
Our purple princess!!!
Klous & his friend Summer love getting ALL the toys out and playing...from scooters, to bikes, to basketball, to soccer, to frisbees, to bubbles...everything!! I think they're ready for summer!!!
Aysha just thinks she's cool she can walk around and follow the "big" kids...and do her own thing too!!
Yes...this is my little girl...and she has a CRUSTY look!!! Love the eyebrows!!!
Klous is proud of his scooter skills!!
Mmmmm...this poptart is GOOD :)
Just sitting by Mommy!!! Beautiful little girl!!
Oh and we can't forget about Kyson...he likes going outside too!! He mostly enjoys the walks and just looking around...but he sure is handsome all bundled up!!
And ALL SMILES!!! Love my kiddos!!!
Then much to our disappointment...we woke up Friday morning to 8 inches of snow...yeah...from 50 degrees to 8 inches...great!!! Here's to hoping this week and the rest of the month will just clear up and get better!!! We're ready for WARM weather...just not mid-July weather yet!!!


Mindy said...

And to think we are excited because it has been in the upper 30's! The snowbanks are still taller than my kids. However, we heard that Virginia, MN has no snow. It's a very snowy-weird year here this year. Sure looks fun to be outside on summer equipment.

AnnaMarie said...

Adorable! I can not wait until it's warmer in MN.

Klous Family said...

Oh man I would love to have grass again!! Just the fresh air alone would be wonderful!! Hope your newest "dumpage" of snow melts quickly! You guys have such cute kids! I love Aysha's big brown eyes and pigtails!! (And I love her "crusty" looks!) :)

Andrea and Danny said...

Oh I just love those kiddos!! They are SO cute! Yes.... SPRING would be fantastic and I'm glad you got to enjoy it for a little while. Sorry about that crappy snow though! And the SUNGLASSES!!! Ahhh too cute! I got some for Mya and she doesnt' really like them to stay on her face!!!