Monday, February 15, 2010

LoVe :)

The kids got to wear their Valentine's shirts on Saturday, because no one would really see them on Sunday...and can't obviously wear them to church!! So them all dressed and did pictures BEFORE the did anything else!!! We were going to IKEA and I wanted to get them done...Aysha was moody and not cooperating because she hadn't had her morning "good" picture of all 3 kids together...but oh well....these are pictures of my 3 amazing kiddos!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Kyson is getting so big, and I can't believe he'll be 2 months already this week...he's smiling and cooing more and it's so dang cute...even though he isn't so willing to share his smiles ALL the time.
Our little man...Klous is getting so big and really turning into a little man!! Love this kid!!!
And our princess...Aysha is stubborn and gives you looks...but she is so stinkin' sweet and cute all at the same time. LOVE HER!!!
And my little "eligible bachelor" :) Couldn't be happier with this baby...he's doing well being the 3rd child and not always having a lot of attention!! Love my baby boy!!!
And yes...they love each other...couldn't ask for better kids...I LOVE THEM!!! More then I can say...
Hope you all had a great Valentine's day with those you love!!!


AnnaMarie said...

How sweet. I'm loving the pictures!

Tara said...

Looks like you guys are doing well! Thanks for the comments on my blog!! Ha Ha. You didn't say which one of Jared you liked the best. As for me, of course that would be my favorite picture. I have had two kids and I still have nothing to show for it (Referring to the comment you made about my you know what's). Just kidding! That is actually the reason why I cropped some of the other pictures. THey were a little crazy. I was really really really only concentrating on the hairstyles! Promise! Anyway... Hopefully we can get together soon. Our kids are finally rid of all the sickness they have had this winter, knock on wood! So let us know when you can get together!

krista said...

How cute! I love all of the Valentine's Day shirts! Your little kids are adorable!

Unknown said...

Super cute

Andrea and Danny said...

oh my gosh!!!! ADORABLE PICTURES! Love Aysha, she is so beautiful and has the cutest hair! :D