Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in a Nutshell...

Christmas this year was different and special and fun and a lot more all at the same time. Having a newborn baby really made it feel different for me and brought an extra special feeling into our house, I thought at least!! It was fun to be together as a family and spend some time with extended family...even though it's always hard for me being so far away from my family back in Minnesota.
Alright...the kids got to open their "Christmas jammies" on Christmas Eve, and they were pretty excited about it!! Well Klous was, because he got to "help" both Aysha and Kyson open theirs!!
Aysha chillin' on the couch...she thinks she's SO big sitting up there!!!
Kyson's ADORABLE jammies!!! Isn't he just cute!!!
I wanted to get his feet, cuz they're so cute...but when I would pose them he'd move them...but then he sneezed and I clicked just at the right time!! Aren't they cute :)
Klous was so proud of his new Buzz jammies!! Can't you tell from his expression :)
Our fancy tree with the presents!!
We let the kids each pick ONE more present to open as well...that's our compromise (mine and Ryan's)...cuz he grew up opening them all Christmas morning, but I grew up opening ALL our presents from family on Christmas this is what we agreed on!!
Klous picked his race car, so here he is opening it!!!
And Aysha got her's even a baby BOY...just like Kyson :)
And Kyson got an amazing pack of diapers...WOO HOO :) What do you get a baby that is 5 days old??? Just the necessities :)
Aysha wanted her babies binki :) Silly girl!!!
Sweet little boy :)
Klous on Christmas morning...he was pretty excited that Santa actually came!!!
AND that he ate his cookies and drank the milk...but he was most excited about the note Santa left for him!!! We still have it :)
Aysha and her Santa presents :)
Isn't she so big!! Walking her baby :)
Klous got a knock off of the Wii...except this one TEACHES you things!! He's learning numbers and colors and letters...and playing sports all at the same time!! He seems to enjoy it!!!
Kyson in his cute Christmas outfit...made him look like a little man!! I just think he's adorable :)
Then we headed to Grandma's house to open presents there...the kids of course got even more spoiled!! Grandma made cute quiet books for the kids...with pictures of themselves and Jesus for them to look at during church. They were pretty cute!! Aysha was proud of it and liked looking at herself!!!
And Klous got a Zhou Zhou pet or whatever they're called...the hamster thing!! Since we've brought it home Aysha has played with it more I think...but at least it's getting played with :)
Kyson just sleeps and eats and poops...that's the extent of his Christmas!! But he's still cute and fun to look at and hold!!!
We hope everyone else had a great was good for our family and we couldn't have asked for more!!!

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ChasingChasey said...

These are really great pictures of the kids! I'm glad you guys had such a great Christmas. What was that thing you got Klous?