Monday, September 14, 2009

Oreo's anyone!?!?!

Ok well some of you might remember and know that I LOVE the holiday Oreo's...they taste better then the regular ones!! And some of you might remember how much Klous liked them when he was about 10 months old...I think they were a hit...but here are some pictures to remind you of it!!

And here he is last week eating the Halloween ones THIS year!! I was so excited to see them at Wal-Mart and had to get a pack!! I'm pretty sure Klous is STILL a fan!!!

Well I couldn't let him have some and NOT we had to see if she liked them too...I'll let you be the judge and see what you think...personally I think she liked them...and she'll probably eat them again!!! Yep...must run in the family, because me and my kiddos LOVE the holiday Oreo's!!!

Isn't she adorable!! How can you not love her little cute!!!

Yep...they're a hit for her too...YAY for the Halloween ones...before we know it the Christmas ones will be out and we'll try those too!! Baby #3 will get to try next year too!!! Yay for holiday oreo's...don't they look delicious...I know these pictures make you all want to go out and get some!!! They're FUN!!! :) :) :)


Jamie said...

oreos... who knew so much fun was in that blue and white bag?
Good thing I know there's ubercute faces lurking behind those gross little oreo crumbs. My favorite is the 2nd to the last one of Aysha. That's cookie covered serenity right there.

Klous Family said...

You are right, it does make me wanna go find some! I love the messy little faces! SO cute! Did they learn to eat them like that from their Mommy?!?! I think you may need to post pics of what YOU look like after eating them! ;) But speaking have yet to post pregger pics. Another weekend has come and gone and still no prego pics on here! :) Eric talks about Halloween everyday and can't wait to find his perfect costume. This year he wants to be something scary. Funny story: We had to move the costume boxes out of the hall closet and into his room for the "construction" workers and he wouldn't/couldn't sleep until I moved them out of his room.haha how can he be something scary when he can't even handle a gigantoid spongebob sitting in his room?!?! The love of Halloween costumes (during the daytime hours)must have been passed down from his Daddy! Any clue yet what your kiddos are gonna be this year? Love you guys!!!

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

YUM, I am now craving OREOS!!!! You know you have cute kids when they are still absolutely adorable with cookies smeared from ear to ear. :)

Mindy said...

I tried not to read your post until I'd be able to turn the craving down. I bet I'll be thinking about them until I cave though. Cute pics.

ChasingChasey said...

I still think your theory about the holiday ones tasting better is so silly!!! Very cute pix of the kiddos!!

krista said...

So cute! I love Aysha's cute little expressions! She and Klous are so adorable!