Monday, June 8, 2009

Priceless Pictures...

These are a few pictures from before our trip and on our trip that I just find simply priceless...the cute little things you catch and LOVE to share!!! Hope you like them as much as I do!!
Before we left, we had a BBQ with some of our friends before they moved away :( But it was a fun time for the kids!! Aysha loves her swing in the backyard...if you can't tell from that smile!! I just love her!!
Klous was all smiles too to be running through the sprinklers and playing with his friends!!! Handsome little devil!!!
While we were in Minnesota...this is one picture I will treasure for a long time...until we get back there and can do another one!! This is my Uncle Sonny & Aunt Dad's only brother who is 13 years older then him...I've always loved this guy...he's just so real and down to earth...and has loved me too. I make a special effort to see them when we're home, because you just never know when they'll be gone, and I'd HATE to know that we were there and "could've" seen them, but didn' here's a good memory for Klous & Aysha with their GREAT Aunt & Uncle!! So cute!!
And then my favorite I think...check out Klous just watching Papa...they built a special bond that was so dang cute to see!!!
Then a normal Dad picture...he can't look at the camera without sticking his tongue out!!!
Then the day we was a sad one :( but we had to do it. This was BEFORE the hugs and stuff though, so no tears!! Ramma Judy...Papa Bob...Klous...& Aysha...gotta get one of these each time we see them too...wanna have something for the kids to look back on when they're older!! I sure do love these guys...I'm lucky to have such great parents who love me and have taught me more then I even know...I LOVE YOU MOM & DAD :) :) :) :)


krista said...

Your parents look like they had so much fun with Klous and Aysha. I am sure that they are missing them!!

ChasingChasey said...

So good to see your mommy!! That picture of the four of them is so cute! I'm glad you guys got to spend that time with them. I know how much you miss your parents.

Karla said...

Cute, cute, cute! Or as Lindsey would spell it kuot! :)

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

I just saw all of your pics from your trip... how fun and what great memories you created. Too bad for you that "home" isn't closer. :)

Ambyr40 said...

I love these pics!! Your baby is so sweet! Its nice being able to put the face to the name with your you this week!